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    One of the leading consultancy firms in the State of Kuwait was established in the early 1995 with the objective of providing distinctive consulting services in the area of Architectural and Engineering Studies, Design & Construction Supervision of all kind of projects. Moreover, the professional services are extended to project management and training courses as well.
   Offers consultancy services in the studies, design and construction supervision of Buildings, Roads & Highways, Ports & Airports, and Towers (High Rise Building) & Wastewater Treatment.
   Offers consultancy services in the studies, design and construction supervision of Buildings, Roads & Highways, Ports & Airports, and Towers (High Rise Building) & Wastewater Treatment.
   Is a team of experienced professionals who possess a sound understanding of the disciplines of Engineering, Training and Project Management. A professional team of experienced experts in the areas of design, supervision, and project management has secured the necessary capabilities to cope with the numerous architectural and constructional projects in the local arena. However, through the joint cooperation with renowned international engineering associates, SMDEC has become able to extend a wider range of services for infrastructure development projects locally and overseas.
   Has taken a step further by building up its own manpower expertise for infrastructure projects.

Mission Statement

   Our mission is to provide professional services and workable alternatives to produce timely, cost-effective results that are in harmony with the needs of our services. SMDEC is committed to the principle of providing high quality services to our services.


    To deliver quality-engineering services.
   To deliver results on time, to specifications and within budget.
   To conduct well-conceived training programs to the client's counterpart personnel as an effective instrument of transfer of technology
   To strive to deliver value-for-money services and products to our services.

Background of the Firm

SMDEC is a medium size-consulting firm in the state of Kuwait. It was found in 1995, a relatively new firm with respect to its age, but considerably veteran in the engineering profession, due to the keen team who is managing the firm.
SMDEC scope of work ranges from the multi disciplinary engineering services to the art of Architecture, besides the new trend of project management and related tasks. Moreover developing and managing training courses is another service which SMDEC is presenting to the community.
SMDEC scope of work covers different types of projects which vary from Residential buildings and villas to public buildings such as schools, mosques, factories, show rooms, medical centers, commercial buildings and not to forget landscaping, roads and utilities design Etc.
SMDEC highly experienced staff in the various field of engineering gives the potential and compatibility to cover the vast range of Consultancy services.
SMDEC team consists of more than 70 staff members, 45 of them are engineers of different specialties, which 16 of them are licensed engineers and approved by Kuwait Municipality.

Scope Of Services Offered By The Firm

SMDEC offers engineering services in Architectural Design, Constructional Design, Soil Foundation Engineering, Interior Design, Air Conditioning / Sanitation, Electrical Design, Planning & Feasibility Studies, Operation & Maintenance, Petroleum Studies, Tender Documents Preparation, Construction Supervision, Training and Projects Management.
SMDEC specializes locally in providing services in the fields of Public Buildings, Educational Buildings, Health Care Buildings, Recreational & Athletics Facilities, Residential Buildings, Multi-Storey Car Parks, Offices & Commercial Centers, Plantation & Landscaping, Factories, Theaters & Auditoriums, Exhibition Halls & complex, Sporting Complexes.
In order to continue providing quality services up to the ultimate expectation and complete satisfaction of our services, SMDEC constantly look for value-added association. In this regard, the Office has entered into association agreements with renowned international consultants to provide wide-ranging consultancy services in Urban & Rural Development, Water, Transport, Communications, Power, Industry & Technology, Management, Education and Training.
SMDEC offers consultancy services in the studies, design and construction supervision of: